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This is more than a day job. This is our passion. To build and develop the kind of apps that last.
To create a user experience you are reluctant to leave and a task-performing solution you can’t live without.

I am a passionate app developer here for you.

On the cutting edge of technology and development.

Blue Slate Development uses cutting edge technology to deliver your product quickly, with a modern user friendly design and high speed performance. More experience  and development in the USA means faster development times with a more robust and error free delivery. Give us a call for a free consultation to discuss your vision.


desktop apps

For your company’s internal, unique requirements, we build self-contained desktop apps. With offline capability and in-house usability, this will boost your productivity. We can make full-featured apps that can organize information, store files, and offer space for creation. We also build simpler apps that make and record assignments, or that facilitate dialogue among colleagues. With task automation and easy communications, your team will have more time to get jobs done efficiently and grow your business.

NAtive apps

Created to serve a single hardware and software, we build apps for IOS or Android devices. Connect with your customers in real-time, on an individual basis, that brings them coming back for more. Instead of relying on your customers to regularly check in with your website, give them an easy-access portal to alerts, reminders, updates, and promotions. With a generation of remote, on-the-go users that keep everything on their mobile device, we help you get on their phone.

hybrid apps

The best of both worlds, our hybrid apps combine the organization of native apps with the flexibility of web apps. Downloadable on any device, this allows your app to be integrated with the device’s tools and technologies, like the camera, contacts, and audio speaker. The user experience is transformed into the user interaction with your app. With most of their life already stored in their phone, this brings your app directly into their daily routine.

PWA apps

With a single click on a banner, strategically placed in your website, anyone can instantly access your progressive web app (PWA). This saves them the time and hassle of searching for it in an app store, and it saves you the headache of hoping they download it. PWA apps are fast to download, easy to use, reliable (regardless of internet speeds), and engaging to the user. We make your life easier by building an app that makes your customers’ lives easier.

Hear it from our clients.

  • “Blue Slate Dev identified the job our app needed to do, then targeted the most efficient plan for design and development using the newest advances in user experience and technology.”

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